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"Hardcase-Japan" is a Web site to sell all over the world an excellent hard cases that is made ​​in Japan ! Japanease Hardcses are the reliable cases for you .
Welcome to "Hardcase-Japan" ! This page is a site that sells to everyone in Japan and overseas our original hard cases or hard cases made ​​in Japan. Our company is a reliable company with a tradition of the predecessor as the bag Wholesalers that was founded in 1931. Our company(headquarters) is located in Yamanashi prefecture adjacent to Tokyo,and has a branch office in Tokyo as well. As a material of hard case to be produced, we have mainly aluminum and resin. We received the predecessor in response to customer's requirements. We are also featuring in small lot, quick delivery for our unique system . Please use it. We have been manufacturing high quality cases with a high grade and great pride !

I recommend our cases(made in Japan) with confidence to the general public and companies in the world, I think that about the overseas transaction, if there is a worry that unexpected accident may happen, don't worry about that !. When an accident occurs, We will make best effort so that all goes well .We look forward to your orders from everyone all over the world ! "Japanease-hardcase"has hight quality .
we are confident that our products are always useful to companies of everyone.

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I will introduce the pages that have the hard cases ofour Company to everyone around the world.  I am the founder and chairman of this Company, began thus in the launch of the site in English in order to prepare for the future of the company, and not just the Japanese domestic market so far, to target the world. we will launch a daily diary now !

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